Series Regarding the Number of Rakah for Taraweeh

No. 9 The Three Types of Sunnah

Shaykh Albaani said:

‘The Sunnah of the Messenger -alayhi as Sallat wa sallam- is of two types, but rather three types: statements, actions and silent approval.

So it is necessary that the Sunnah is taken from all its three types, we do not cause the Sunnah to conflict with some of it against another type of Sunnah. Now we are discussing the Salatul Qayyam, the Messenger -alayhi as Salam said: ‘the prayer of the night is in units of two.’ This hadeeth includes ten Rakah, twenty, thirty etc. However, what did the Messenger -alayhi as Salam- implement from this saying of his? Eleven Rakah.

Salatul Layl, Salatul Qayyam and Salatul Tahajjud, all these names indicate to one action. So pray in units of two, however do not rush them, read in the prayer whatever you want from the Qur’aan. Lengthen the standing in the prayer, the Ruku and the Sajood.’

[Silsilah al-Huda wa Noor no.694]

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