Series Regarding the Number of Rakah for Taraweeh

No. 5 Imam Shafi’aee and Imam Tirmidhi held the view that the narration of Twenty Rakah from Umar was weak

Shaykh Muhammad Nasir uddeen Albaani said :

‘Tirmidhi indicated in his book ‘Sunnan’ that twenty Rakah from Umar and other than Umar from the Companions is not established, he said : ‘It has been narrated from Alee and Umar and other than them from the Companions of the Prophet – sallAllaahu alayhi wa salam.

Shafi’aee also said the same from Umar, as was conveyed by his companion al-Muzni from him in his summarized book.

Therefore, their statement of ‘It has been narrated…’ Is actually them regarding the narration as weak, as is well known to the scholars of Hadeeth.’

[ Salatul Taraweeh – Albaani p.55]


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