Cutting the Beard after the Fist – Part Two


Some Statements of the Scholars of Jarh wa Ta’adeel

1 – al-Hakim -rahimullaah- brings a chain up to Sa’eed bin Mansoor al-Makki who said: ‘I asked ibn Idrees did you see Salim bin Abee Hafsa? He said: ‘I saw him, he has a long beard and made it stupid.’

[Maarifath  Uloom al-hadeeth  p. 204 & ‘al-Ijili 3/374]

In the narration collected by al-Uqali the wording is:

‘Yes I saw him, he had a long beard, and he was stupid.’

[Ad-Dua’fa al-Kabeer by Uqali 2/152-153 no. 655]

2 – Abu Dawood was asked about Abee Isra’eel al-Malaee and he said he was mentioned in front of Hussain al-Jua’fee and he said:

‘He used to have a long beard and was stupid.’

[Swalaat al-Aajjuri Li Imam Abee Dawood 1/122 no.62]

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