In this Friday sermon, Moosaa Richardson reminds us of Allaah’s severe prohibition of gambling as one of the first and most foundational prohibited matters in Islaam. Obvious and not-so-obvious forms of gambling are cited and warned against, from casinos and lottery tickets, all the way down to amusement park games and insurance.

Recorded at al-Masjid al-Awwal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) on 1437.01.02.

“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling, and Al‑Ansaab (stone altars for sacrifices to idols etc), and Al‑Azlaam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaytaan’s (Satan’s) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful.

91. Shaytaan (Satan) wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants (alcoholic drinks) and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allaah and from As‑Salaah (the prayer). So, will you not then abstain?”

[al-Maa’idah 5:90-91]

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Rough Transcript of the above Audio:

Innal hamd lillaah Verily all praise is due to Allâh. Nahmaduhoo. We praise him. Wa nasta’eenuhu. We seek His assistance. Wa nastaghfiruhu. We ask Him to forgive us. Wa na’udhubillahi min shuroori anfusinaa. And we seek refuge with Allâh from the evils of our own selves. wa meen sayiaati ‘amaalina. And from the consequences of our bad deeds. Man yahdihillâhu fala mudhillalahu. Whomever Allâh ta’ala guides no one can lead him astray. Wa man yudlil falaa hadiy ‘alahu. And whomever Allâh allows to stray no one can guide him.

Ashhadu anlaa ilaaha ill Allâhu. I testify that none has the right to be worshipped other than Allâh.Wahdahoo laa shareeka lahu.. He is alone in that right, not having a single partner sharing with Him in that right.. Wa ashhadu anna Muhammad ‘abdoho wa rasuloho.. And I testify that Mohammad was His servant and final Messenger.

‘Amma ba’d.. As for what follows

Fa inna astaq al-hadiy fee kitab al-Allâh.Verily the most truthfull speech is the book of Allâh. Wa khayr al-hadiy Mohammad (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). And the best guidance is the guidance of the Messenger of Allâh (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) may Allâh raise his rank and grant him peace. Wa iyyakum wa muhdathat al-‘Umoor and be warned of newly invented matters in the religion.Fa inna kulla muhdath al-bid’ah. For verily every newly invented matter in the religion is a blameworthy innovation. Wa kolla bid’ah al-dalala. And every innovation is astraying. wa kulla al-dalala fee al-Naar. and every straying goes to the Fire.

In this Western world that we live in – brothers and sisters in Islaam – we see people struggling with every kind of addiction and every kind of terrible lifestyle and those who have good within themselves may struggle the rest of their lives trying to recover from the first part of their lives when they corrupted themselves, destroying their intellect, destroying their integrity and their morality with the likes of drinking, getting high with the likes of partying and being lost with fornication and adultery and all kinds of foul behavior.

Wal-hamdu lillah, everything that the people are addicted to today and they struggle to free themselves from that Islaam has prohibited them from all of that. As Islaam is the religion that is complete, Islaam is the religion that brings mankind to a life that is a good and wholesome life. Islaam is the religion from the Creator of mankind who knows about what’s best for mankind and so we are to pay attention very carefully to the matters that Allah ta’ala has forbidden us from and know that each and every one of them is something evil and something harmful and something corrupt, something that will destroy the fabric of our souls – spiritually something that may destroy the fabric of our bodies – physically may destroy our physical health through these things from the worst of them are the very foundational prohibited matters in Islaam; intoxication and gambling.

Know that your Lord azza wa jal has spoken the truth that He has spoken with words with commands and prohibitions that set mankind’s life aright and He (tabarak wa ta’ala) has called upon the people who believe.

From the first of the prohibited matters what are called the most foundational of all prohibited matters in Islaam is the statement – يأ يها آلذين ءامنواْ إنما آلخمر وآلميسر – O you believe, verily intoxicants and gambling – وآلأنصاب وآلأزلم – and animals slaughtered upon alters for other than Allâh and omens; arrows shot for good luck and all types of good luck omens.It’s just filth – رجس من عمل آلشيطن – from the work of the devil – فآجتنبوه – so be away from it, be done with it, stay away from it – لعلكم تفلحون – in order that you may become successful.

Brothers and sisters in this verse we have two essential reasons to stay away from intoxication and to stay away from gambling in all of its manifestation and forms and that is and that it is filth from the work of the Shaytaan (the devil) firstly and foremostly and secondly in hopes that you may be successful – indicating that the one waste his life drinking alcohol, smoking weed, taking pills that intoxicate him. Intoxications are solids, liquids and gas, my brothers and sisters, inhalants, smoke from mariwuana, drinks like wine, whiskey and beer and as well powders solids, pills, mushrooms all of that those are intoxicants no matter what form they are all prohibited and when a person gives himself to them Allâh ta’ala indicates that he won’t be successful because in staying away from those things – لعلكم تفلحون – in hopes that you will be successful – meaning when you take part in these things you shall not be successful in this life nor in the next life.

Secondly Allâh ta’ala goes on to give us more reasons to stay away from these matters specifically alcohol or intoxicants and gambling, when Allah ta’ala says in the next verse and these verses are found in surah al-Ma’idah the 90th the 91 and the 92 – إنما يريد آلشيطن أن يوقع بينكم آلعدوة وآلبغضآء فى آلخمر وآلميس – it is only that the Shaytaan the devil he wishes to put animosity and hatred between you through intoxicants and gambling – و يصدكم عن ذكر آلله و عن آلصلوة – and that he will prevent you from the remembrance of Allâh and from offering prayers -فهل أنتم منتهون – so then are you done yet with it are you yet done with this matter are you finished now with it the rhetorical question from Allâh ta’ala and the response of the belivers is سمعنا وأطعنا the response of the believers is we have heard and we have obeyed . intahayna râbanaa. We are done we are finished with it oh our Lord then Allâh ta’ala says after indentifying the harm the severe harms of intoxicants and gambling He says: وأطيعواْ آلله وأطيعواْ آلرسول – And obey Allâh and obey the Messenger – وآحذرواْ – and be warned be careful pay attention meaning don’t come near intoxicants and don’t come near gambling -فإن توليتم – if you turn away from this order and others -فآعلمواْ أنما على رسولنا آلبلغ آلمبين – then know the only thing upon our Messenger is to convey clearly, he has conveyed the message.. wa adal ‘amana (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) he has upheld the trust and he has conveyed the message may Allâh ta’ala raise his rank and grant him peace.

Brothers and sisters, gambling is a tool through which your sworn enemy Iblees la’nahullâh he wishes to cause hatred and animosity between you through them, he wishes to keep you away from the remembrance of Allâhu ta’ala, he wishes to keep you away from offering your Salah, that Salah which is the pillar of religion that Salah,those five daily prayers about which the Messenger (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) The covenant that exist between us and them is the Salah. So whoever abandones it then he has disbelieved and the Shaytan, the devil, would love that you disbelieve in Allâh and become from the ranks of his followers those who stopped following Allâh ta’ala and his Messenger (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and became from the filthy ranks of his followers.

Brothers and sisters, you know there is a thing called gamblers anonymous, you know that there is alcoholics anonymous, you know that there is narcotics anonymous. These programs that exist in order to help people with their addictions and these things your deen has kept you from this your Lord has ordered you to stay away from these things so you don’t need a program to help you recover. You need obediance to Allâh ta’ala, you need submission to the religion of al-Islaam, you need the lifestyle that prevents you from filthy behavior that could land you in a situation where you only spend the rest of your existence in this life struggling and fighting to kick a habit. invest in your religion, invest in your hereafter. Submit to your religion and stay away from Allâh ta’ala has prohibited. Allâh ta’ala said – وآحذرواْ – be warned be warned stay away from these matters.

Gambling, my sisters and brothers, has many manifestations and from the most obvious manifestations are those that you may say today “Our khutbah about gambling, okay I’m not in jeopardy today” pay attention! you may find by the end of this khutbah that you walk out of the masjid identifying guilt, identifying violations because you were unaware of how far gambling has reached society so pay attention.

Obviously the casino, obviously going to the pokertables and blackjack tables at a casino and playing the machines they have there with chips obviously no one doubts this is gambling and this is filthy behavior. On becomming of a muslim yet we have in our ranks brothers who are bold enough to take themselves to these places and to hang out with women and smokers and drinkers and bet their halal money away in a way they will be questioned not being heedful of Allâh ta’ala and his religion and his orders. We ask our brothers to come back to their senses and if you have gone to these casinos, repent to Allâh ta’ala fear the day you will return to Allâh ta’ala and your feet won’t budge ,your feet won’t budge until you are asked about your money, where it came to you from and what you did to it. Fear Allâh ta’ala you will be questioned, obviously going to the racetrack and betting on horses is imperssible gambling , obviously shooting diets and gambling dice games is imperssible, obviously raffles, raffles and lottery like the Pennsylvania lottery, the states run lottery whether the drawings are daily or weekly, whether the raffle or the lottery is for charity or for state government or whther the government has said its allowed its perssible gamling or not, all of it is ميسر all of that is gambling forbidden by Allâhu ta’ala. It may even come in the form of a fifty-fifty raffle at your company or through a charity and that means they take 50 % of the money raised by the tickets and they use it for charity and the other 50% remains as prize money you may bet on a football game or a hockey match or a baseball game all of that is ميسر major sin in Islaam violation of the very foundational matters that is prohibited in Islaam.

Personal challenges like when a man says to another man “I race you and the loser buys lunch” or the loser buys the other one a tank of gas or the loser cleans the other one’s house or something like that. Any more or services found in transactions like this is ميسر is forbidden وآحذرواْ be warned of it.

Pokermachines that are found in loundrymats, the claw game that you can find in Wallmart and supermarkets is now becomming that we are looking at less obvious forms of gambling. What’s this claw machine you put 25 cents or 50 cents or a dollar into a machine and there are prices and the claw based on your direction reaches over the prices and digs down it may bring out a price for you it may not.Don’t think, brothers and sisters, that gambling is only in the casino. We live in a place that does not honor the halaal and the haraam and the place gambling machines in places where the regular people just buy groceries and those transactions are imperssible and the use of those games is imperssible.You put money into a machine and a 25 dollar watch may come out, a cellphone may come out, a large stuffed animal may come out or nothing may come out. This is the very definition of gambling. don’t say it’s only a quarter like you would not say it’s only one bite of pork, it’s only one cup of whiskey. Then don’t say it’s 25 cents or only a dollar, don’t say it’s only children’s entertainment because it’s in Chuck E. Cheese’s or because it’s some amusement park don’t say it’s just children playing games don’t say “I’ll let my children play because the children are not accountable”. You know ‘Abdullâh and Amatullâh that you wouldn’t give your child a shot of whiskey and say “It’s just a child” or put the whiskey in a child’s cup and say “It’s just children’s whiskey” you know you wouldn’t do that you know you wouldn’t feed your children porkchops and you say “These are just children’s porkchops”.

You know the harram is the harram, brothers and sisters, come back to your senses don’t allow your children to play games of gambling. Are you going to go back to Allâh ta’ala as a person who is entrusted with these children and you put them in front of gambling machines and you raise them on ‘Usool al-muharramat? You raise them on the most basic and most foundational matters that are prohibited in Islaam, will you be happy returning to your Lord when He has entrusted these young children in your care and you raise them on imperssimble transactions like gambling? you would not be pleased, so fear Allâh ta’ala now. Repent from what has transpired, understand your religion and learn your religion whether those games are for the old people like bingo or you pay 50 cents or a dollar for a card and you may win 10 dollars or 20 dollars, don’t look at the amount look at the transaction it’s imperssible it’sميسر it’s gambling prohibited by Allâh ta’ala for the young and the old alike for the large amounts 500 $ and a 1000 $ and the small amounts of 20 cents and one dollar and brothers you know, once the shaytaan snares you to one of his traps you may be gambling a dollar today you may be gambling five dollars today and you say it’s not a big thing but there are people bringing the deeds to their houses to those casinos there are people bringing the titles to their cars to those casinos because they can not stop because they have allowed shaytaan their sworn enemy they have allowed the devil to have authority over their lives.

So be warned brothers and sisters it may come in the form of skeeball machine or a basketball machine or some types of skill machine, machine which you get to play with and you get tickets if you do well and the children know all about this you get five tickets or 10 tickets if you do really well and if you don’t do very well you get 1 ticket then the tickets are taken to a prize counter and what happens the tickets are traded in for toys and games. what is this? The end result is the children have now landed into one of the most foundational prohibitions in Islaam gambling. you are not excused this brother whether this games are at an amusement park or at the Wallmart or at the supermarket by our house. We have to protect our children from what Allâh ta’ala has forbidden may Allâh ta’ala give me and all of you success in accomplishing that with sincerity to our Lord to following our Messenger(sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Aqoolo qawli haza wa astaghfirullâh lee wa lakum wa lisaibn muslimina min kulla Dhambin fastaghfiruhu ennahu huwa Al-Ghafur Al-Rahim.

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Alhamdulillahi rabi al-‘Alaamin wassallatu wassallamu ‘ala rasulihi al-amin wa ‘ala Aalehi wa sahbihi ajma’ina

‘Amma ba’d..

Brothers and sisters in Islaam! one of least obvious forms of gambling that so many people take part in and they don’t indentify gambling, they are unable because of their ignorance of the religion to categorize it as ميسر It is something that has become a staple in the life of a person and in some circumstances considered by many people as an essential element of basic life which it’s not it’s mere illusion created by people who wish to control the masses by money and sack them of their money and take their money from them in falsehood – it is the entire system of commercial insurance brothers and sisters.

The scholars of Islaam has come together and studied the issue of commercial insurance whether be home insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, insurance for your business or whatever. From the many reasons why it’s forbidden it is ميسر it is gambling you pay $50/month or a $100/month or whatever you make a payment. That may pay of for you and you may hit the jackpot you may get $25000 and you may get $10000 or some kind of debt paid of for your behalf and you may never get anything and your money is taken from you illegally and unjustly for ten or twenty years and you get nothing and they say life insurance is from the most essential matter today because how can you leave your family in debtbecause of your debt. We say don’t fall for the illusion, don’t fall for that illusion, don’t spend 50 years of your life paying for life insurance then when you look back it was that you have paid $800,000 in payments then someone hands your family a check for $10,000 when you pass away because you were disqualified for this reason or that reason. These are games by the people who love to take the money of the people – don’t fall for them brothers and sisters. The Islamic system of burial does not require that you have 30, 50 or 100 thousand dollars to take care of your burial.

Walhamdulillah our sisters and brothers have died? and they have been prayed upon according to the Sunnah of the Messenger (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in this masjid and they have been buried with a plot of earth in a box or even without the box as is allowed in this state with as little as 2000 $ or 3000 $ so if you wish to leave something for your family then save yourself save up 5000 $ and put it aside for your own burial or for anything what happens then if Allâh ta’ala expands your life and you live along a healthy life you may need that money for something here and there and it’s your money you can take it and replace it later. So put that money aside yourself to take care of your own affairs and don’t enter into contracts of gambling thinking that you have to because how can you leave your family without provision. The money which you spend gambling with insurance could be saved up in an account for yourself and given to your family as a purely halaal transaction.

As it relates to automobile insurance, my brothers and sisters, even in the muslim lands there are rules that have required automobile insurance, yet the scholars of Islaam hold firm that automobile insurance is not permissible and they say even when the muslim governments require you to have automobile insurance – then one of two options – either refuse and prepare to face whatever penalty they put upon you or give in under the clause of coercion in Islaam that you are forced and you can not live without this thing but you are only allowed brothers you are only allowed to take the bare minimum that is required from you. In the state of Pennsylvania that means liability and that liability insurance which means you cover the car you hit or the property that you destroy and you do not cover your own car. You cover the other person’s car in the accident or the other property that is damaged and then that liability insurance has different levels of how much is covered they are called tiers. So take your Islaam, take your Tawheed, take your Sunnah into the place you purchase your automobile insurance. If you are unable to avoid it and practice your religion and tell them “I’m muslim and this is not permissible for me so in this case of being forced by law I’m only allowed to take the minimum” and tell them “I want the lowest tier of liability insurance”. You will save money and you will keep yourself out of impermissible transactions of ميسر

As Allâhu ta’ala has commanded you : يأ يها آلذين ءامنواْ إنما آلخمروآلميسروآلأنصاب وآلأزلم رجس من عمل آلشيطن O you who believe intoxicants, gambling, animals slaughtered in alters, and good luck omens they are filth from the work of the Shaytaan – فآجتنبوه – so stay away from it – لعلكم تفلحون – in hopes that you will be successful. إنما يريد آلشيطن أن يوقع بينكم آلعدوة وآلبغضآء – Verily it is only that Shaytaan wishes to plant between you animosity and hatred – فى آلخمر وآلميسر – as it relates to alcohol and gambling or intoxicants and gambling – و يصدكم عن ذكر آلله و عن آلصلوة – and he wishes to obstruct your path to remember Allâh and to keep you from praying – فهل أنتم منتهون – so then are you yet finished – وأطيعواْ آلله وأطيعواْ آلرسول – and obey Allâh and obey the Messenger – وآحذرواْ – and be warned – فإن توليتم – if you turn away – فآعلمواْ – have knowledge – أنما على رسولنا آلبلغ آلمبين – have knowledge that it’s just that our Messenger was made responsible to convey the message.

We ask Allâh ta’ala to grant us firmness in our religion, we ask Allâh ta’ala to grant us understanding of our religion, we ask Allâh ta’ala to grant us hearts that hate the disobedience of Allâh ta’ala, hearts that love and gravitate towards the obedience of Allâh and His Messenger (sallAllâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)

Haaza wa Allâh ‘alam wa sali lillahi huma wa baarik ‘ala nabiyina Muhammad wa ‘ala aalihi wa as haabihi ajma’een

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