by AbdurRahman.Org

35 Years Ago Shaykh Ibn Baaz and the Lajnah Warned Against Going to Excesses in the Religion: Wooden “Sutrah Props” in the Masjid!

“لم يعرف عنهم أنهم كانوا ينصبون أمامهم ألواحا من الخشب ليكون سترة في الصلاة بالمسجد بل كانوا يصلون إلى جدار- المسجد وسواريه فينبغي عدم التكلف في ذلك فالشريعة سمحة ولن يشاد الدين أحد إلا غلبه…”

“It was not known from them (the Companions) that they placed wooden props as sutrahs for salaat in the masjid. Instead, they would pray to the wall of the masjid or its pillars. We must avoid takalluf (overdoing it) in that, since the Sharee’ah is gracious, and no one challenges the Deen except it overtakes him…”

Translated by Moosaa Richardson

Courtesy: KSA_Dawah google group

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