Is it permissible to burn or bury the books of the innovators?
Answered by Shaykh Rabee

Question: May Allah grant you good, and may Allah reward you with good. The second question; the questioner says: We have in our Masjid a collection of book which have been warned against by the scholars In terms of methodology, Dawa, and manners. They have accumulated with us and we do not know what to do with them. Should we burn them or bury them? Benefit us, may Allah bless you.

Shaykh Rabee: The Salaf viewed distancing them (books of innovation) from the people by any means. Ahmad was asked about the books containing innovation; should they be burned or shredded? He replied: ‘Burn them or shred them.’ But now warning against innovation and the people of innovation and ordering the books of innovation be destroyed has become a crime of those who adhere to the Salafi Minhaj—according to the Hizbis unfortunately. Otherwise, these affairs were known to the Salaf.
Al Qaadi Iyad and those with him burned the book ‘Al Ahya’ by Al Ghazaali. And the Hanafis burned the book ‘Al-Kashshaaf’ by Al-Zamakhshari. And the companions burned the Mushafs. After Uthman gathered the people upon one Mushaf he ordered the remaining Mushafs be destroyed.

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